Our Objectives

  • Oppose the current divisive Republican agenda
  • Support candidates for all levels of government that share our values
  • A fair and effective comprehensive health program for all citizens of the USA
  • Support a progressive federal tax system
  • Free, appropropriate and equitable public education that prepares citizens for a competitive, technical and skilled global marketplace
  • Support our nation's infrastructure by rebuilding/repairing our transportation systems, roadways, water and other vital support systems
  • The protection of our environment and supporting policies
  • Investigate options for a secure national electronic voting system for all citizens
  • Examination of the criminal justice system
  • Explore safer living and work environment and institute laws to protect citizens from violence while protecting the first amendment rights
  • Protect individual freedoms as described by the constitution, such as equal rights & pay based on race, sex gender, age etc
  • Ensure fair representation through the districting process
  • Assure freedom of the press to protect our freedoms
  • Support revising the electoral system
  • Support election (campaign) finance reform

We Believe

The American Solidarity Movement believes in the protection of the intent and integrity of the Constitution of the United States. It is our mission to respectfully and actively participate to promote and protect tolerance, our civil rights and diversity in our democracy.

Who we are

Nestled in the Sierra Foothills of northern California, the American Solidarity Movement is a nonpartisan coalition of fiscally and socially responsible independent thinkers that mutually respect and support each other and our shared vision of a vibrant, venerate and inclusive democracy.